I feel like my current day to day thought process is dull and not one that is moving me to doing new and exciting things.

– I must think of something to do that can make a difference in my family’s state of being-

That is what I tell my self I need to focus on, but what am I doing to attain that? Nothing. Besides going to the gym (which is all the damn time on weekdays) I smoke pot probably 3-4 nights of the week, watch plenty of sports when they are on, read into a lot of conspiracies about government plots and other shit of that nature, browse way too damn much on social networking (this must be the culprit).

To get to the point, I’m not being mentally creative, or I’m not out doing things that will build the creative thought process. I feel like I don’t have ideas that are revolutionary. Some product, process improvement, or service that will change the way things are done in society.

I do think if I am able to think of something it will be closely related to social media. What a powerful tool that is. People post what they like all on a network of their peers. Already great ideas about advertising have spawned from social networks. We need more… There is more that can be done, but WHAT IS IT…….

Jot down 3 random ideas.. No matter how stupid they are.

– Image creator: Allows individuals to change or make an image based on what that “image” is viewed as in popular culture. This would be done by massive amounts of data that could be mined through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect. For example, a high schooler wants to look like a popular kid. So that is a category that can be chosen. Then the person can look through what popular kids are wearing, saying, doing, ect.

– How true is the news: This would require a lot of algorithms, but you can take a popular news story. Then the app or site would scour the entire internet for articles relating to the same story. Details can then be pulled from the original article published and compared to other websites. A scale of 1-100 can then depict how accurate the article is in comparison with other articles of the same topic.



Ok so I didn’t think of 3, but at least this is maybe a start to a new way of thinking or a change. Maybe it isn’t a change of thinking, but a way of trying to document my thoughts better.

Whatever it is, we’ll see.