I have to admit I love good clothing.. I could see myself starting a line related to hats/clothes. If I did I already know it would be called DirtyDuval Hats. I probably should design a logo for the shit of it, but I suck at anything design related. I have a vision for what it could be, but putting vision on paper is not a strong point of mine.

Flat billed snap backs, tanks, and other wear would be ideal.. However, what is the market for it? Is it profitable. Ok for shits sake let’s just make this blog my pretend start up.

– Mission Statement

  • Key Market: Younger market- Target age group 16-24
  • Contribution: Making people look better with a hat on than a fresh haircut
  • Distinction: Stand out designs in an otherwise dull world

Ideas for hat designs… What will differentiate my product?

– LED controlled hats

– Area code designs.. Incorporate key land marks for particular area codes for design.

– Color schemes. Determine popular colors for an area based on sports teams, culture, ect.